Advantages Of Ultrium LTO 6 Cassettes

ultrium-lto-6-image-1The Government Computer News gives an enlightening view of the huge importance of data backup systems, predicated on its estimates that more than 95% of information is never obtained once it remains previous 90 days. Hence, to ensure that you just never lose your information, even if you have forgotten about it, you must use an efficient and dependable data storage media.

The Ultrium LTO 6, and especially Computer cassette technology, offers a perfect alternative for long-term data archiving.

Why Is It Possible For Us To Still Use Cassette Technology Now?

Cassette technology continues to be in existence for quite a long time, yet it plays an important function in high-capacity storage back-up. Contrary to what you may suppose, this technology isn’t being used only due to sentimental reasons; instead, it offers many unique and precious traits that ease for greater efficacy and cost-effectiveness of modern data storage systems.

Advantages of LTO 6 Cassettes

Cassette technology generally, and LTO 6 cassettes, possess several characteristics that are useful.

I. Tape cartridges are removable storage media, making it easier to keep them and shield them from viruses, sabotage or other types of corruption.

II. The facet of scalability inherent in tape technology is critical in high-capacity data storage. If you have to raise your storage capacity, all you need to do is get more low-cost cartridges, instead of having to purchase additional drives that would be fairly expensive.

III. In the event of damage or any danger experienced within your storage place, you’ll have a less difficult time relocating the cassettes that are mobile.

IV. More rapid data backup speeds complement the higher storage capacity in LTOs. Such speeds can be as high as 400 MBps in the most up-to-date LTO variations.

V. Having a greater compression ratio means that LTOs can save even more information. You’re likely to find a compression ratio of around 25:1, which effectively gives you about double the storage capacity.

VI. Specifically added attributes in LTOs make them more trustworthy than discs. That is read after write verification systems, along with attained through sophisticated error correction.

VII. In the pursuance of more environmentally friendly technology, LTO serves a function that is useful since they possess lower power consumption in comparison to disc technology.

ultrium-lto-6-image-2The additional progress that is progressive is bringing down the prices of data storage. Innovative data compression systems further complement this. Such systems were created to ensure lossless compression, by use of advanced LTO compression algorithms. These facets will further cement the position of cassette technology as a high capacity data storage media choice that is key.

You can readily see why cassette technology stands out when put next to other data storage media. SSD, for example, would just supply a substantially lower native capability, which will be approximately 1 Terabyte. This makes the SSD choice fairly pricey when considering the price per gigabyte. Hard disk drives, on the other hand, may have a considerable quantity of native storage (about 3 Terabytes), but they may be still more expensive than LTO. LTO stays the most cost-effective alternative, with a price of 13 cents/ gigabyte.