Advantages of Ultrium LTO 6 Tapes


The Government Computer News gives an enlightening view of the immense requirement for data back-up systems, according to its estimates that more than 95% of information is never obtained once it stays previous 90 days. Thus, to make sure that you never lose your info, even when you’ve forgotten about it, you must make use of an efficient and dependable data storage media.

Computer tape technology, and more particularly the Ultrium LTO 6, provides an ideal solution for long-term data archiving.

Why Do We Use Tape Technology Now

Tape technology has been in existence for quite a while, yet it still plays an important role in high-capacity storage copy. Contrary to what you may presume, this technology is not being used just because of sentimental reasons; rather, it provides many valuable and unique attributes that ease for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness of modern data storage systems.

Advantages of LTO 6 Cassettes

LTO 6 cassettes, and tape technology in general, possess several characteristics that are useful

i. Tape cartridges are removable storage media, which makes it easier to store them securely and protect them from viruses, sabotage or alternative kinds of corruption.

ii. The facet of scalability inherent in tape technology is essential in high-capacity data storage. Should you need to increase your storage capacity, all you have to do is get more low-cost cartridges, instead of being forced to buy extra drives that would be rather expensive.

iii. In the event of damage or any danger experienced in your storage place, you’ll have a simpler time relocating the tapes that are portable.

iv. Data back-up speeds that were more rapid complement the higher storage capacity in LTOs. Such speeds are often as high as 400 MBps in the newest LTO variants.

You are more likely to find a compression ratio of roughly 2.51, which effectively gives you about double the storage capacity.

vi. Specific added attributes in LTOs make them even more trustworthy than discs. This is read after write verification systems, as well as accomplished through complex error correction.

vii. Given that they possess lower power consumption when compared with disc technology, in the pursuance of more environmentally friendly technology, LTO serves a helpful function.

Further innovative progress are bringing down the costs of data storage. Advanced data compression systems further complement this. Such systems were created to make certain lossless compression, by utilization of innovative LTO compression algorithms. These facets will further cement the position of tape technology as a key high capacity data storage media choice.

Compared to other data storage media, you can certainly see why cassette technology stands out. SSD, for instance, would merely supply a much lower native capability, which is about 1 Terabyte. This makes the SSD alternative fairly expensive when considering the cost per gigabyte.